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Do I need surgery for my knee injury?

Knee pain score and treatment questionnaire.
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A simple questionnaire based on recent research to suggest the best treatment for your knee injury:

  • FREE online questionnaire to find out in 2 minutes your knee pain score and decide on the best treatment.
  • Obtain a specific score for the pain level of your knee injury.
  • Receive a treatment recommendation so you know what the best options are for your particular case. 
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Your knee in the best hands

Luis Gallego.
Orthopedic surgeon.

My name is Luis Gallego and I am an orthopedic surgeon.

I firmly believe that no two knee injuries are the same and that it is not simply enough to unquestioningly follow medical protocol to decide whether a prosthesis should be fitted.

I know firsthand the consequences that unnecessary surgery can have on a person's life.

That is why I use a method where I always try to explore conservative treatments that do not require a prosthesis and through which you will be able to find a cure and practically complete and lasting relief.

How do I know that it can also work for you? The key is in my ongoing training on minimally invasive treatments and a cumulative experience of 20 years. They are the basis that have allowed other people with chronic knee pain to feel lasting relief while minimizing the risks of relapse.

​Put an end to your knee pain.
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If you have been diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis; if the pain is preventing you from leading a normal life; if you have been advised to have a joint replacement, an arthroscopy or another type of surgery, then this questionnaire is for you.

Would you like to find out which treatment is best for your knee osteoarthritis?