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The collection and automated processing of the User’s personal data are necessary in order to respond to their queries and/or requests for subscriptions to our services. Refusal will mean it will be impossible to answer or resolve these requests. Data collection will be carried out in order to respond to and properly process the query requests, to manage, administer, provide, expand and improve the services to which the users decide to subscribe, register, or use depending on their preferences and tastes, to study of the use of services by users, to design new services related to these services, to send, by traditional and electronic means, technical, operational and commercial information about products and services offered by CIRUGÍA ORTOPÉDICA ALBORÁN LTD., currently and in the future for which they give us their express consent. The purpose of the collection and automated processing of personal data may also include the sending of questionnaires, which you are under no obligation to answer.

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If you do not wish for us to hold any information about you or if you would like to know what information we have about you, or if you want us to modify it, or delete it from our databases, you can contact us at the company's address via regular post, by sending a written and signed request to the following address:

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In some cases and in accordance with the applicable legislation (Organic Law on Personal Data Protection), the request must include the name and surname of the user, a photocopy of their identity document as well as the content of the request that they wish to make, if applicable. The personal data you provide will not be disclosed to third parties, they may only be communicated to other entities belonging to the CIRUGÍA ORTOPÉDICA ALBORÁN LTD. Network, for reasons of geographical proximity to the User if necessary to address their queries.

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