Doctor Gallego, founder of Arthrosis Clinic, presents the most innovative and effective methods for your knee osteoarthritis

Get rid of your pain and return to a life full of movement

Regenerative medicine, minimally invasive surgery and knee replacement surgery on Spain's Costa del Sol by the renowned Doctor Luis Gallego. Exclusive for patients seeking effective treatments with the highest quality standards (and with southern European prices).

Dear patient with chronic knee pain:

Imagine for a moment having a full life again.

Think about what it would mean in your life to be able to play golf again every morning...

...Feel the fresh breeze on your face again when you descend a mountain on your bike...
…Experience again the feeling of freedom you get from driving your own car...
...Experience once again the pleasure of dancing with your partner...
...Lose 10 or 15 years all of a sudden from the simple fact of not needing your crutches or cane anymore…
...Forget the pain that clouds your mind every time you have to go up or down stairs...
...Stop taking all those pills and anti-inflammatories that each day have less effect and gradually destroy your stomach and kidney….

In short, having an active life again where pain is conspicuous by its absence and you have a leading role once again.

It seems like a dream. But there are treatments that allow it.

These state-of-the-art treatments are not available in the public health services of your country. Nor will they be for the next 10 or 20 years. They are treatments with a prohibitive cost in most European countries that allow the miraculous recoveries of elite athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafa Nadal or Kobe Bryant. 

As a member of the European Society of Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy (ESSKA), I have privileged access to the latest technological and medical advances in knee osteoarthritis.

From Arthosis Clinic, my office located in sunny Almeria, in the south of Spain, I put within the reach of European patients the most advanced knee techniques and procedures...with prices from Southern Europe.

The latest advances in sports medicine that elite athletes use at your reach to help your knee.

Why treat your knee in Spain?

In Spain, as in any country in the Eurozone, we meet the highest medical safety standards.

And we do it with fair prices for European citizens.

Health training in Spain is one of the most demanding in all of Europe.

The years of training in the official medicine degree plus specialization (between 3 and 5 years according to the specialty), makes Spanish health professionals among the highest valued in Europe. In fact, HR managers in countries such as France, Switzerland or the United Kingdom value the comprehensive training offered in Spanish universities and hospitals very positively.

At Arthrosis Clinic we comply with the most exhaustive quality protocols in medicine and health, as required by Spanish and European legislation.

My personal mission is to make accessible to my compatriots the latest advances in sports medicine that elite athletes use as treatment.

I can only achieve this by adapting access to these treatments to the cost of living of the average Spaniard.

The side effect of my way of practicing medicine is that patients from Switzerland, Norway, France, Germany or the United Kingdom, among others, come to my office attracted by more affordable prices than those found in their respective countries.

And they do so with the security of going to a professional clinic, with all the legal guarantees and the strictest quality controls required by the European Community of its member countries.

The highest medical standards.
Fair prices for European citizens.

20 years of experience in surgery and orthopedics so that you can recover the mobility of your knee.

The future is already here. And you can access minimally invasive procedures and joint replacement surgery to recover your mobility and lifestyle in record time. Treatments such as:

  • Biological treatments which stop the destruction of knee cartilage, reduce inflammation and allow a speedy recovery from the procedure.
  • Treatment of knee osteoarthritis with platelet-rich plasma, which contain growth factors and other proteins that promote healing and regeneration of injured tissues.
  • Treatment with stem cell injections from the patient which slows cartilage damage, reduces pain and improves function.
  • Hyaluronic acid injections with the purpose of returning this viscoelasticity to the joint and provide anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects for some tissues, such as the meniscus.
  • Arthroscopy for mild osteoarthritis to “clean” the joint and remove damaged tissues (including part of the meniscus if it is torn) combined with biological therapies for cartilage treatment to achieve excellent results.
  • Knee replacement surgery for advanced osteoarthritis with customized prosthesis to establish the cutting and fixing points of the prosthesis in a precise and individualized manner for each specific patient.

They have returned to active live.
You can be the next.

A very precise diagnosis, intervention in a total relaxation, and a very short stay in the hospital, room 4 stars.

The preparation in the evening before the intervention made by the nurses was quick, well done, in a cordial atmosphere.

Contact with Dr. Gallego before the intervention was very warm, I had total confidence and I did not have a second of doubt. Super nice surgical team and a very good and warm contact with the anesthetist.

No fear, in total relaxation before the operation. Everything went perfectly.

Denis A. Thiebaud

73 years Old


Knee Replacement Surgery

Dr Gallego gave me so much confidence before the operation and gave exceptional care and attention afterwards. He addressed any concerns or worries with a friendly and authoritative manner.

Having had both knees replaced over two years I really learnt the need to follow the advice of Dr Gallego and do the exercises he recommended and I also had really good physiotherapy which allowed me to make a full recovery.

James C. Tudor-Pole

69 years Old


Knee Replacement Surgery in both knees

I was very pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy the preoperative process was. The doctors who performed this preparation were very friendly and inspired confidence. Although I could feel what was happening during the operation I felt no pain at all during or immediately afterwards.

I would recommend this surgery to anybody who has restricted walking abilities or is restricted in any sporting activities due to knee pain.

In my experience this was the best medical care and attention that I could imagine. Everything proceeded calmly and painlessly with exceptionally good post operative care and attention.   

Stephen C. Denny

72 years Old


Knee Replacement Surgery

You too can have a pain-free life again thanks to advanced treatments for knee osteoarthritis:

This is the simple 6-step path to achieve lasting relief:

STEP 1. Request a consultation with Dr. Gallego

Throughout this page there is a button to schedule an appointment by phone.

It works 24 hours a day and there will always be someone to assist you in English, French, German or Spanish to schedule an appointment for you to go to my office as soon as possible.

STEP 2. Consult with Dr. Gallego for a physical examination and imaging study

Once in my office, we’ll have a brief interview to get to know your background and I’ll do a thorough physical and mechanical examination to diagnose the state of deterioration of your joint.

I’ll ask you to take your most recent medical imaging tests to the office if you have them, since this will save us time and having to repeat unnecessary tests. Otherwise, we have an advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and CT scan team to carry out the medical imaging tests we need to evaluate your case.

From this test and with careful consideration of your MRI results, I’ll make a final diagnosis.

STEP 3. Issuing the diagnosis and treatment proposal

Once we have the results of the images and the physical exam, I will issue a diagnosis and determine the most appropriate treatment for your case.

I only recommend a technique or treatment when I am convinced that it is what my patient needs.

I will always advise you and offer the appropriate treatment and procedure for your case.

STEP 4. Programming the treatment or procedure

If we propose a minimally invasive biological treatment, we will schedule an appointment calendar to administer the injections in your joint as soon as possible.

If you have knee osteoarthritis that requires surgery (arthroscopic surgery or knee replacement surgery), we will schedule the surgery so that you have the operation as soon as possible.

We will schedule a preoperative study with one of our anaesthetists to determine the most appropriate anaesthesia and postoperative care for your case.

We usually schedule the surgery for less than 10 days after we know your diagnosis.

STEP 5. Knee surgery (if necessary)

The day we call you in for surgery, you should be accompanied by someone who can take you back home by car when you leave the hospital. This is because we’re going to apply epidural anesthesia and you won’t be able to return to the hotel on your own until 12 hours after you wake up from the anaesthesia.

The procedure will last between 90 and 120 minutes. Once we finish the surgery and the effect of anaesthesia has passed, you’ll wake up and you’ll be able to see for yourself that you no longer have knee pain.

STEP 6. Postoperative period

After knee arthroscopy or knee replacement surgery, it’s usual to regain mobility 3-6 hours after surgery. At that time you can go home without pain.

If you live more than 1 hour away from our centre, we’ll offer you the possibility of staying in the hospital that night for your comfort and therefore travel the following day.

Most patients can return to work 3 to 6 weeks after surgery, although this may vary depending on the nature of your profession.

There is a very small risk of complications after surgery, but we will make sure to minimize the risks by offering proper guidance after surgery. A week after surgery, we’ll contact you to discuss the progress you’re making during the recovery stage. Three weeks after surgery, I’ll ask you to send me an email where you can tell me how your recovery is going. When I receive it, you’ll receive an answer by phone or email.

About six weeks after surgery, I’ll contact you again by phone.

Imagine having these results for you:

Before the procedure, every step was a pain, especially when going downhill. After the operation, I totally recovered and I was able to do everything I did before (walking, cycling, golf, swimming,...)

Denis A. Thiebaud

73 years Old


Knee Replacement Surgery

Before surgery I could not walk any distance without developing discomfort, eventually considerable pain. The same with climbing stairs or going on a cycle ride, even standing for any time was uncomfortable.

Since the operation I can easily walk over 10,000 steps , cycle over 36 kilometers or climb stairs with no discomfort.

James C. Tudor-Pole

69 years Old


Knee Replacement Surgery in both knees

I suffer from osteoarthritis and my knee had become so painful that I could no longer carry on with my retirement hobbies of walking in the mountains and cycling. Since having the knee replaced with a prosthesis I can walk without pain. Cycling is also easier and possible although with a very small amount of discomfort.  Walking up and down stairs is no longer a problem at all. The knee functions quite normally in all respects.

Stephen C. Denny

72 years Old


Knee Replacement Surgery

Would you like to get rid of your knee pain too?

There is no reason to live with pain

No one deserves a life with pain.

Pain is one of the phenomena that most impact a person’s health.

When it gets big enough, it takes up all the space in your mind and reduces your quality of life to those moments when painkillers take effect.

That’s not life. Especially when there is an alternative.

It’s not just me who says that. It is said by patients who have been through the same as you and now enjoy a life free of pain and full of activity:

Depending on the condition of the knee I would immediately recommend to my friends the installation of a prosthesis. There may be some small restrictions, but there is no reason to live with pain. For me, this represents a great economy at the medical level (anti-pain, anti-inflammatory, sleeping pills, injection, etc.).

From age 60 I would not hesitate for a second to make me operate.

Denis A. Thiebaud

73 years Old


Knee Replacement Surgery

Get back to a pain-free life

Do I need to be referred by my own doctor in order to have a consultation with Dr. Gallego?

You don't need a referral from your doctor to have a consultation. You can call and request your consultation now.

Should I bring my MRI tests to the office?

If you had an MRI scan of your knee injury less than 6 months ago, bring it to the office.

It will allow me to study it, issue a diagnosis in situ and determine your treatment or schedule your surgery as soon as possible if it is the appropriate procedure for your case.

If you do not have an MRI study, our facilities have an advanced imaging unit where we will perform the necessary tests as soon as possible.

Are these treatments covered by my country's Social Security?

These treatments and surgeries are so innovative that there are currently very few public centres in Europe where they are performed. Consult your doctor to find out if you have access to these treatments through your social security.

I have private insurance, does it covered the treatment or surgery?

Being such new treatments, medical insurance does not cover the costs of these procedures.

Can I finance the payment of my knee osteoarthritis treatment?

We offer tailored payment plans so you can comfortably pay for the procedure. Request an appointment now and we’ll let you know you how you can benefit from our payment plans.

How do I make the payment?

You’ll pay for the diagnostic visit when you go to Dr. Gallego's office.

Once the diagnosis is determined, Dr. Gallego will explain the treatment options that are appropriate to your case and will inform you about the payment terms for the procedure.

Where is Arthrosis Clinic located?

Dr. Gallego currently has an office at Vithas Hospital Virgen del Mar - Carretera del Mamí, Km 1, 04120 Almería (Spain).

I have filled in the form to request an appointment with Dr. Gallego, when will O receive a reply?

We’ll contact you within 2 business days to agree on a date and time for your first consultation with Dr. Gallego.

Do you have any more questions?

Fill in the questionnaire and tell us what they are. We’ll respond in less than 2 business days.

Have a life with movement again

A pain-free life is waiting for you.

I hope and wish that you contact me so that your new life without pain begins as soon as possible.

With affection and determination,

Luis Gallego.