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The latest advances in sports medicine that elite athletes use at your reach to help your knee.

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Regenerative medicine, minimally invasive surgery and knee replacement surgery on Spain's Costa del Sol by the renowned Doctor Luis Gallego. Exclusive for patients seeking effective treatments with the highest quality standards (and with southern European prices).

Why treat your knee in Spain?

In Spain, as in any country in the Eurozone, we meet the highest medical safety standards. And we do it with fair prices for European citizens. Health training in Spain is one of the most demanding in all of Europe. 

The years of training in the official medicine degree plus specialization (between 3 and 5 years according to the specialty), makes Spanish health professionals among the highest valued in Europe. In fact, HR managers in countries such as France, Switzerland or the United Kingdom value the comprehensive training offered in Spanish universities and hospitals very positively.

At Arthrosis Clinic we comply with the most exhaustive quality protocols in medicine and health, as required by Spanish and European legislation.

My personal mission is to make accessible to my compatriots the latest advances in sports medicine that elite athletes use as treatment.

I can only achieve this by adapting access to these treatments to the cost of living of the average Spaniard.

The side effect of my way of practicing medicine is that patients from Switzerland, Norway, France, Germany or the United Kingdom, among others, come to my office attracted by more affordable prices than those found in their respective countries.

And they do so with the security of going to a professional clinic, with all the legal guarantees and the strictest quality controls required by the European Community of its member countries.

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Do you have been diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis? 

The pain is preventing you from leading a normal life?

If you have been advised to have a joint replacement, an arthroscopy or another kind of surgery; if the treatment is too expensive in your country...

Then what you need is to undergo it in Spain, with all the necessary health safeguards but with affordable prices.

If you want me to give you my professional opinion about your situation as soon as possible, please schedule an appointment now.

Why treat your knee in Spain?

Before the procedure, every step was a pain, especially when going downhill. After the operation, I totally recovered and I was able to do everything I did before (walking, cycling, golf, swimming,...)

Denis A. Thiebaud

73 years Old


Knee Replacement Surgery

Before surgery I could not walk any distance without developing discomfort, eventually considerable pain. The same with climbing stairs or going on a cycle ride, even standing for any time was uncomfortable.

Since the operation I can easily walk over 10,000 steps , cycle over 36 kilometers or climb stairs with no discomfort.

James C. Tudor-Pole

69 years Old


Knee Replacement Surgery in both knees

I suffer from osteoarthritis and my knee had become so painful that I could no longer carry on with my retirement hobbies of walking in the mountains and cycling. Since having the knee replaced with a prosthesis I can walk without pain. Cycling is also easier and possible although with a very small amount of discomfort.  Walking up and down stairs is no longer a problem at all. The knee functions quite normally in all respects.

Stephen C. Denny

72 years Old


Knee Replacement Surgery

Schedule an appointment with me calling to:
(+34) 600 925 536

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With affection and determination,

Luis Gallego.